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what type of stem, what type of cup?

After performing the direct anterior total hip procedure for over 5 years now, I have learned where some of the pitfalls are in this procedure.  In my mind, the area of greatest potential concern is the degree of initial stability achieved between the femoral component and the femoral canal.  This implant needs to have a …

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equal leg lengths

Summary of this page: Total hip arthoplasty is meant to relieve pain, allow the patient to walk with a more normal gait, and result in a highly satisfied patient.  One of the most troublesome problems after total hip arthoplasty for both patients and orthopedic surgeons is when the patient has unequal leg lengths after surgery, …

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nuances of fixation on the femoral side

the femoral component — bonding to the bone in a high torque muscle envelope. When I first began to use the direct anterior total hip approach in 2005, I exclusively used an implant on the femoral side that is classified as a non-cemented, proximally porous coated, tapered wedge design.  There are several features that make …

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