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Anterior Hip Review » Direct anterior total hip replacement surgery explained

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Direct anterior total hip arthroplasty in Monterey, California

AnteriorHipReview.com is a collection of articles, pictures, observations, and opinions on the subject of total hip replacement using the minimally invasive direct anterior approach.  This technique is becoming increasingly popular because it uses a smaller incision, less soft tissue disruption, facilitates greater precision when inserting the components of the new joint, and results in a durable hip replacement for patients who want to return to hiking, biking, skiing, and athletics.

This website is written and managed by Sohrab Gollogly MD, and I am a board certified fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon in private practice in Monterey, California.  I also provide consultation services where I review X-rays and medical records for patient who are considering traveling to Monterey to have surgery.  If you are interested in this service, please use this web site to initiate contact.

I am on staff at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (www.chomp.org) and I am also a member of Monterey Peninsula Surgery Center (www.montereysurgerycenter.com).  My practice, CHOMP, and MPSC all accept the majority of insurances in the State of California and CHOMP recently became a member of the CALPERS joint replacement network.  My practice emphasizes direct anterior total hip arthroplasty and surgery of the spine and I performed all of the procedures described in this site and all of these clinical examples and X-rays are of my patients.  My clinic is in Monterey, California.

  hip osteoarthritis

minimally invasive direct anterior total hip arthroplasty  intraoperative image hip surgery

Total Hip Arthroplasty: The Operation of the Century

In a recent article published in the venerable journal The Lancet, total hip arthroplasty was described as the “Operation of the Century“.  The authors note that in the 1960s, total hip replacement completely changed the quality of life of patients with disabling arthritis.  A disease that left millions of people “crippled” suddenly had a cure.  Since the 1960s, the typical patient who receives a total hip replacement expects near complete restoration of their quality of life and they also expect to be able to continue with physically demanding activities such as hiking, skiing, and tennis.   Many advances in the metallurgy, bearing surfaces, and bioengineering have resulted in increased longevity of the replaced joints.  Newer surgical approaches, such as the direct anterior approach, which I perform, can result in shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries, and less costs to the patient in terms of time away from work and family.  The ability to achieve equal leg lengths, reproducible implant positioning, and high levels of patient satisfaction has increased.  These two pictures are of an elderly female patient of mine, disabled by left hip pain, who underwent an anterior total hip arthroplasty, went home from the hospital on the 2nd day after surgery, and returned to hiking at 6 weeks after the operation.  An amazing result considering that this operation was not even invented 50 years ago.  Truly the operation of the century.

Preoperative Xray Left Hip osteoarthritis AP pelvis radiograph after total hip replacement

References: Total Hip Arthroplasty: the operation of the century.  Learmonth ID, Young C, Rorabeck C.  The Lancet 2007; 370: 1508-19

skiing after bilateral total hip arthroplasty

hips that work!

Here are two examples of patients of mine who have had both hips replaced via a minimally invasive direct anterior approach.  The first patient is a very active physician from Alaska who developed severe bilateral osteoarthritis of the hip joints.  He was initially very reluctant to undergo surgery (no doctor likes a taste of their …

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AP xray bilateral direct anterior total hip replacements for avascular necrosis

avascular necrosis

Avascular necrosis, commonly abbreviated as AVN, is a condition that causes disabling hip pain due to death of the bone underlying the cartilage on the femoral side of the hip joint.  In many instances, the cause of this spontaneous death of the bone is unknown, but the condition can be associated with alcoholism and use …

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