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Intra-operative Imaging During Surgery » Anterior Hip Review

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Intra-operative Imaging During Surgery


Improving the Accuracy of Total Hip Arthroplasty In my hands, the intra-operative xray machine called the C arm or fluoroscope is a very useful tool for improving the accuracy of total hip arthroplasty. Direct Anterior Approach The direct anterior approach is well-suited to using a C-arm because the patient is flat on their back and …

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hip anatomy

The hip is a ball and socket joint in the engine room of human locomotion.  The natural motion of the hip allows us to walk, run, swim, cycle, dance (for those of us with rhythm), and enjoy our lives as upright bipeds with grace.  When the cartilage in the hip joint starts to deteriorate, the …

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MRI anatomy of the hip

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is very useful for detecting subtle abnormalities of the hip joint that may not be readily apparent on plain xray.  In the past 10 years, MRI scans have allowed us to appreciate the subtleties of cartilage and labral degeneration that cause severe hip pain well before obvious osteoarthritis of the …

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xray anatomy of the hip

Here are a series of xrays that are illustrated and annotated to identify the anatomic landmarks and concepts that are used during total hip arthroplasty.  Please click on the thumbnail image to launch a full sized image that is annotated with the correct landmarks.     The first Xray is of a 35 year old male …

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equal leg lengths

Summary of this page: Total hip arthoplasty is meant to relieve pain, allow the patient to walk with a more normal gait, and result in a highly satisfied patient.  One of the most troublesome problems after total hip arthoplasty for both patients and orthopedic surgeons is when the patient has unequal leg lengths after surgery, …

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why hip and spine?

My surgical practice emphasizes surgery of the spine and hip.  About 50% of my clinical practice is devoted to the management of arthritis of the hip and 50% is devoted to management of spinal disease.  I have chosen to stay active in both areas because the most common reason that a patient comes to see …

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